A LIttle Block of Art

Anything on this website – quote from a book, cartoon, graphic, digital print, you name it – can become a Little Block of Art.

The blocks are 5" X 7" X 1.5" and can hang on a wall or stand by themselves on a desk or shelf.

The prints mounted in them are signed.


Each Little Block of Art is $45 (includes shipping and mailing) and can be ordered by contacting me with a description of your selection.

You will receive an image of the finished block for approval by return email with directions for paying via check or PayPal.




Books, ebooks, free digital downloads, online editions, or signed printed copies of novels, story collections, and interactive fiction are all available either directly through this website or from various online retailers like Amazon and ebay.



Digital prints in a variety of media including paint, colored pencil, photography, and collage are printed in Giclee archival inks on 22" X 28" Arches paper.

Each print is individually manipulated, reworked, and signed...and available for $200 each.


To order prints, follow the directions here.


Hand-made sculpture/assemblages that are part toy, 3d collage, and social satire.

Large boxes are 9" X 11" and meant to hang on a wall; smaller ones are 4" X 6" and designed to sit on a table.


To purchase a box, follow the directions here.

   Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles

Mystery jigsaw puzzles originally published by BePuzzled have

over a million fans worldwide!

Read the short story, then assemble the jigsaw puzzle.  Clues in the final image will help you solve the mystery.  The solution is in mirror-writing at the end of the story.

Great family fun and available by title on Amazon, ebay, and many other online retailers.


Some puzzles are available through this website with a signed letter from me to you or a gift recipient.  For more information, find the title you want and contact me about ordering it.

   The TalkChart

A visual communications aid for people who cannot communicate verbally that is now used in hospitals throughout the country.  Patients can use the symbols, alphabet, and pain charts to express their needs to family and staff.


For copies of the TalkChart, contact me to request information.


   The TalkChart

Need a cartoon for a presentation, gift, T-shirt, or bulletin board?

Contact me with a description of the cartoon you want and get a 6" X 9" 300dpi version that you can print or use digitally.


Free of charge too!